“With words we travel the world!”

What is STEDEC?

Stedec is one of student activity unit in Stipram which focusses on trigerring critical thinking and enhance public speaking in term of debating.

Established in 2014, STEDEC was a small group but it keeps improving, now its one that is considered in Indonesia because of it’s achievements whether in the National even International level of debating competition.

What is our consent?

As a platform for every student to improve their self in term of debating, we’ll help to ensure that every member of STEDEC has good public speaking skill and becoming a critical individual.

What makes us different from ESC?

#English Speaking Community

  • Focusses on English Courses
  • Has several Sub-classes

#STiPRAM English Debate Community

  • Focusses only to Public Speaking Skill Enhancement in term of debating and Criticism.
  • No sub-class

For More Information :

Instagram : @stedec_debate

Nurijha – 085240255277